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When You Take A Hiatus On Yourself

I write.  That much is obvious.  Everyone has something that they love and that they are good at.  But what happens when you turn your back on it?  I have made a point of writing this blog since April.  I took a few online courses.  Made great social media connections.  I even completed a 30 day 30 post challenge in July.  Then I just……stopped.  I took a hiatus without even meaning too.   We can all be quitters.

We CAN all be quitters.  I blame part of this on my zodiac sign.  Us Gemini’s are known for being super passionate and creative, but a little flaky.  It’s true.  When things get a little hard or discouraging, I quit.  I can admit hat fully.  I take the blame.  If something is hard that means we quit….doesn’t it?

This has proven true in almost everything throughout my entire life.  I have so many projects on the go that I have great ambition and intentions for that just fizzle out and remain unfinished to this day.  WHY?  Why do I do this to myself?

This is the most common in my health.  I get super into being healthy and succeed for well over the habit making 28 days.  Often making it close to three months.  But, I then get discouraged or even bored and fall completely off that wagon.  Reaching for every piece of bread and processed food I can find.  It seems so silly doesn’t it?

That whole “you are your own worst enemy” saying is definitely true to me.  I am the sole reason that I fail……Wow that stings a little doesn’t it?  We are all SOLELY responsible for our success and happiness.  Crap, that means that I can no longer blame everything and everyone other than myself.  Well that sucks.

This is where goal setting, accountability and plain ol’ ass kicking come into play.  This is a pattern that must be stopped.  Can I get an amen from those who go through this too?  Please tell me that I am not alone?  I am so tired of being “stuck”.  I have been told by so many people that they see so much potential in greatness in me.  And that I could be something amazing.  I can dream that it could happen.  And I can actually see it when I dream of it.  Me living in a beautiful large house.  Travelling the world.  Doing what I love.  Healthy and happy about it.  But when it comes down to actually believing it…….I just cannot.  Again, we can all be quitters.

Is this where the women in our lives empower each other to be whatever we can be?  Trust me, I do not need someone blowing smoke up my ass.  And, I have no time for that in my extremely busy life.  But maybe we can do it in a better way.

Perhaps we make a point of connecting with those who inspire us.  Those who make us laugh.  Those who are our idea people.  Those who will be straight with us.   I am so busy that it is so easy to just say “I do not have the time to go to the movies with some friends” or “I’m too busy for lunch”.  Perhaps we make a point of making the time.

So I guess that this is where I do that whole accountability part and make some goals and force myself to achieve them?  So let’s start small so I know that I will not quit.   And perhaps, maybe succeed for once.

  1. I will write a blog twice a week

  2. I will drink 4 water bottles of water

  3. I will complete my step goal everyday (13,000)

  4. I will spend some time with friends twice a month

  5. I will be more patient and forgiving with myself

  6. I will do one thing that takes me out of my comfort zone this month

What kinds of goals will you set for October?  Please comment below and keep in touch to let me know how you are succeeding or failing if that is the case!  Good luck!  And keep dreaming!  And remember, we can all be quitters, but starting again is what matters.


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