• 40th birthday cake smash!
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    Adult Cake Smash Photo Shoot

    Yesterday I did something for me.  I turn 40 in exactly one week.  I would be lying if I said I was super excited.  40……What have I done in my life?  Is this not what all mid-life crisisers say?  I have a beautiful family, job I love and everything I could need.  I try not to say I have regrets, BUT, I wish I had traveled more and done more for myself when I was younger.  My whole life revolves around my family.  This is why I needed this.  I did an adult cake smash photo shoot. I planned, and perfected the poses for what I wanted.  I wanted a…

  • family summer road trip
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    Summer Road Trips Done Easily with Kids!

    Summer is near which means so are those wonderful road trips!  Whether they be a day trip or a week long adventure, travelling with children can be difficult to say the least.   This is something we do A LOT of.  Between sports, family trips and Drs apts, our family is in the car for extended times quite often.  This has been a trial and error scenario as we went up in children.  Some have been successful and then some have ended in possibly leaving a child (or many) on the side of a highway.  I have composed so tips and ideas that can make these times easier as well…

  • strong girls rule
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    We Need Strong Girls To Run The World

    I consider myself a pretty strong willed person.  A strong girl.   I wasn’t always this way.  I am however, very proud of the fact that I don’t really take a lot of shit off of anyone.  Again, I wasn’t always this way.  I can admit that I used to be a doormat.  I would let people walk all over me.  Take whatever they wanted, use me for what suited them, then toss me aside when I was no longer of any value to them.  Our past experiences help to make us who we are today.  I am not proud of that girl, but I am super proud of the…

  • Rants

    Proud to be a Dance Mom

    I am a dance mom.  Yes yes I hear the grumbles.  There’s sometimes such a negative stigma with that sentence.  I am also a hockey mom, a football mom, a cadet mom, a swim mom, and a band mom.  I get it.  Before my oldest daughter went into dance, I also had certain preconceptions on what a dance mom was.  I believed that they were all hot headed, self absorbed, divalike, rude, catty and living out some unfulfilled fantasy that they never got to themselves.  I have been a dance mom for almost 7 years.  Some of the best, most supportive mothers that I have come in contact with have…

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    How To Not Lose Your Shit By Tuesday

    Week from hell?  Everyone under 4 feet tall been yelling at you constantly for days?  Significant other, not being exactly helpful or able to take care of themselves?  Work disasters?  Scheduling mishaps?  Being a Mom is hard!How the hell are you going to make it through the week? Here’s some tips for survival. 1.       Buy ear plugs If you can’t hear it, it didn’t happen.  Ignorance really is bliss.  I know for me, my children will flat out run right past my husband, to ask/complain or show me something.  If I can’t hear them, then they aren’t there.  2.       Alcohol.  No one is saying become an alcoholic during the week,…

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    Mom’s Don’t Get Sick Days

    I woke up this morning with my body aching.  My head was pounding.  My eyes hurt.  My sinuses completely stuffed and sore.  I was sick.  Mom cannot be sick. What I wanted to do was crawl right back into bed and forget the world until I felt better.  However, that is not what happened.  The only reason I even work up when I did (6:43 am) was to view my six-year-olds poop that he very proudly wanted to show me immediately.  Thankfully it was in the toilet.  By the time I got through that ordeal, two more children were awake.  Breakfast was being demanded.  Help getting dressed.  Referee needed for…

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    Why Date Nights Are So Important

    With life being so ridiculously busy at times, it’s hard to carve out times for ourselves and our significant others.  Personally, my husband and I sometimes go full days without an extended conversation that goes past “Who has what tonight?”, and “What time is hockey?”  When your whole life is immersed in your family, you can get to a point where you don’t even know who you are as an individual and as a couple anymore.  This is why it is so important to make sure that you make time for yourselves away from the children.  Unfortunately, when push comes to shove, date night is one thing that often gets…

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    How to Reclaim “YOU”

      I am overweight. No secret there.  Many people are.    I feel like I eat well, work a very active job, and do get outside as much as I can. I have painfully attended the gym at all hours of the day from 530 am to 1030 at night.  With a family the size of mine, I go when I can.  Which usually means I sacrifice sleep in order to do so.  I have completed countless workouts, cardio programs and running sets in hopes of being what every piece of media tells me that I should be.  Thin, vibrant and young looking. I have woken up with thoughts of…

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    It’s Time to Turn 40…….

        I am turning 40 very soon.  Ok there I said it.  OMG yes it is actually happening and I cannot stop it.  Not gonna lie, kinda freaking out.  Like I am almost 40 and really what have I done?! Yes I am a wife and a mother to a gaggle of babies, but what happened to those life changing, world exploding dreams that I had in place?  I do realise that this totally sounds like a mid-life crisis in the making, and I want to try and assure everyone that it is not, but maybe it is!  I had so many wonderful dreams when I was younger, and…