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    New Year’s Resolutions? How about something more tangible and meaningful?

    Let’s talk New Year’s Resolutions for a minute.  I am on the fence on how I truly feel about them.  On one hand I love the idea of starting a year fresh and anew with lots of motivation and ambition.  I am all about that.  On the other hand, I don’t agree with setting an overabundant list of huge expectations for oneself.  In essence setting yourself up for failure right from day one.  I love the idea of setting goals.  And I do this all of the time. Goals are so much easier! A goal doesn’t need to be drop 50 lbs this year.  It can be much simpler and…

  • we are all quitters
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    When You Take A Hiatus On Yourself

    I write.  That much is obvious.  Everyone has something that they love and that they are good at.  But what happens when you turn your back on it?  I have made a point of writing this blog since April.  I took a few online courses.  Made great social media connections.  I even completed a 30 day 30 post challenge in July.  Then I just……stopped.  I took a hiatus without even meaning too.   We can all be quitters. We CAN all be quitters.  I blame part of this on my zodiac sign.  Us Gemini’s are known for being super passionate and creative, but a little flaky.  It’s true.  When things…

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    13 Fabulous Products and Attractions That Should Be On Your WishList

    I thought that with today being Sunday and a “quiet” day (yeah right), that I would sit down and get out a wish list of different things that I am interested in trying/seeing/doing etc . I am all about trying new things and getting out there and living life.  Below is a wish list of everything from beauty products, cleaning products to movies etc. that I would like to see and do.  Please ring in and let me know if you have tried any of them and your thoughts! Chantecaille La Sirena Bronzer/Highlighter Duo I love bronzers so much and this one has definitely caught my eye since it is…

  • Growth-Mindset
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    7 Amazing Ways to Teach Growth Mindset to Your Children

    I have been very intrigued by the theory of possessing a growth mindset.  I have read numerous studies and articles and watched countless videos on how to implement it.  The thought that setting yourself up for an always learning and growing way of thinking, is fabulous. The growth mindset theory doesn’t mean that you will get everything that you dream of just because you ask for it.  However, it does say that if you set yourself up for dealing with failure, which will come whether you want it to or not, properly then you have a better chance of overcoming it in the future. Fascinating right?!  Now picture this.  We…

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    3 Highly Controversial Parenting Practises Explored

    I was reading an article yesterday about Controversial Parenting Practices and I thought that I would weigh in on a few of them here.  I feel like I am qualified since I have six children of my own and am a Registered Early Childhood Educator so I have a fair amount of knowledge in the subject of Parenting. 1. The first one talks all about Co-Sleeping.  This one is definitely on the controversial list and mommy groups everywhere blow up hard when this topic comes up.  I personally used to be of the heck no variety.  However, I have changed my tune to this one a little. After the birth…

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    Just Be Present

    Today I stumbled on a video about how to be a good parent.  It hit home for sure.  We work so hard to try and give our children everything.  This video stressed how it’s not what we give our children thing wise, but rather what we give of ourselves to our children. “Just Be Present”.  These words struck me hard.  Parenting is hard for sure.  But this video really helped set things in perspective. I admit even I try and give the coolest birthday gift.  Throw the best party.  Be the funnest mom.  But in the end, that is not what we remember of our parents is it? Honestly I…

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    7 Powerful Steps To Easily Attain Your Goals

    We all have dreams and ambitions.  As we get older, they change.  But do they become any less important?  On the backside of these are the building blocks to get there – goals.  I’m sure you all want to be able to easily attain your goals. We have all set a goal at some point or another.  Maybe we successfully completely them.  Maybe not.  It is so important that we continuously set goals for ourselves.  Whether it be physically, professionally, mentally etc.  Goals are how we train ourselves to work towards those dreams in small, attainable pieces. We al know someone who has set a New Years Resolution and said…

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    Why Being a 90s Kid Was Awesome

    One of the things of my life that I absolutely love that I truly was a 90s kid.  Teen actually.  And it was phenomenal. The movies were amazing.  The music was the best.  The clothing was comfortable yet so stylish.  The 90s were the best era.  I am so in love with everything from that time. The whole grunge, angry, pop fun, dance beat, and rock from this time was some of the best music in my opinion.  Of course I am biased, but I’m okay with it.  Bands like Nirvana, Aqua, Vengaboys, Green Day, Backstreet Boys, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Weezer, The Offspring, No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins,  Korn, and TLC…

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    Creating Natural Exercise Environments for Children

    Now that Summer is upon us, I am grateful that my children have been getting a lot of natural exercise.  It just seems so easy this time of year for me to get my children active.  What is natural exercise?  For me, I believe this to be when children get exercise naturally without having a guided activity.  Such as Yoga, swim lessons, soccer etc. With children growing more and more obese and unhealthy as time goes on, making sure your children get enough exercise daily can be tricky sometimes, but is of the utmost importance. We need to set them up with great habits, so that they carry them on…

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    Holiday Recap

    So this is just a recap all about my holidays.  I am officially done them today.  Back to work tomorrow boohoo. Actually I am glad to go back.  I have been so busy and out of routine I need it all back.  I also have not been eating well and my body needs to get back on track with the low sugar high protein before it explodes.  Quite possibly literally. I just wanted to quickly recap my week off.  I was very lucky to spend a lot of holiday time with my children.  Which let’s be honest, can go either way.  It is really good that I am going back…